Why you shouldn’t take out a home loan if you have a high credit score

When you have an excellent credit score, the mortgage industry knows exactly what it wants you to do.

In some cases, you’ll get a lower mortgage rate, a better closing rate, and a better loan term.

But in many cases, a loan you’re considering may require you to take out some type of loan modification or make some other payment to make your home more affordable.

These loan modifications are usually not necessary, but it can cost you more to get them approved.

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The good news is that there are a few ways you can protect yourself and your home.

Here are five steps to taking the right steps to protect your credit score.


Set up a savings account if you don’t have one 2.

Pay your bills on time and you’ll never have to pay them off if you go out of business or get evicted 3.

Make sure your credit is high enough to afford the fees you’ll pay for credit card companies and other companies that are involved in the lending process 4.

Don’t get caught up in the mortgage rate fight and try to negotiate down the interest rate to the best of your ability.


Don.t forget to use credit card processing and verification when applying for loans and mortgages.

There are plenty of companies that will work with you to help make sure you’re getting the best rates.