Who is the financial intern at the top of CNN’s staff?

CNBC is hiring more finance internships at its flagship news outlet, and some are looking at internships as a way to help pay the bills.

The company announced Wednesday that it is expanding the number of internships it offers, with more than 300 in the pipeline.

CNNMoney has learned that the internship program, which is aimed at finance interns, will begin in June.

The company said it plans to continue recruiting internships until at least July.

The program was initially funded by a grant from the McKinsey Global Institute.

CNN also recently added a financial intern to its staff.

CNN says that it was able to recruit interns because the company was already hiring financial analysts and data scientists.

CNN said it is seeking interns who will work with journalists on a variety of projects.

The new internships come on the heels of CNN hiring an additional 25 finance analysts and other analysts for its financial journalism project.

The hiring of the analysts comes as CNN moves aggressively to bolster its financial coverage, particularly on its flagship CNNMoney.