Which city’s water bills are the most expensive?

The water bills in Chicago, the nation’s fourth-most populous city, are among the highest, according to an analysis by the Associated Press.

The AP calculated that the city’s total water bills — which include sewer, water and other fees — totaled $1,094 per person, or $9.92 per month.

Chicago also had the highest rate for water bills at $1.26 per person per month, the highest in the country.

That was the highest of any major U.S. city with a population of more than 1 million.

Chicago’s average water bill is more than $7 per person.

The average rate in New York City is $1 per person a month.

The AP’s analysis did not include a citywide average for sewer rates.

The analysis did include data from the city and state’s Department of Natural Resources.

A new report by the American Association of Realtors, which represents the nation�s largest home builders, found that the average Chicago home had an average water rate of $2,400.

That is well above the $2.40 average for all cities in the AP�s analysis.

Water rates in Chicago are among those highest in other large cities, the report said.

While it is true that Chicago is among the nation���s most expensive, the city is still well below the national average for water usage and the number of households using water for personal or household purposes.

That�s the case for the rest of the country, according the report.

In addition, water costs in Chicago vary considerably depending on the location and the size of the city.

The AP found that in Chicago City Park, where the city�s parks system has a population greater than 1.6 million, water bills average $1 a person per day, which is about $5.50 less than the national rate.

In the Loop, a suburb of Chicago, water usage is $3.85 a person a day, less than $5 a person.

In Lakeview, the largest city in Lakeview and Lake County, water is $4.45 a person, which falls below the $5 rate.

A study from the Chicago Council of Economic Advisors found that water usage in Chicago was a significant contributor to the city���s annual economic loss of $18.5 billion.

Water in the city has been a major issue since the start of the year. The city�d spend about $2 million last year on water and sewer repairs.

In the past two months, the mayor and city council have worked to try to address some of the water issues.

In January, the Chicago Water Works Board voted to increase water rates to $1 in December and $2 in February.

But the water board also voted to add $2 a month for people with household water bills of $500 or more.

In March, the water agency proposed an increase of about $1 to $3 a month, and the board voted to go further.

The board is now proposing to raise rates by $1 for each additional $500 in household water usage.

The increase would apply to people with bills totaling $2 and up to $4, the increase for people between $2 to $5, and people between more than 5 and $10, according a statement from the board.

Water bills are also at a high point for the average family of four in the Chicago area.

A family with two children uses about 1,400 gallons a day.

The average family uses about 8,700 gallons a month to pay for water, according data from U.N. Water.

The water agency said that in the past three years, the average household in the state of Illinois has used about 1.5 million gallons of water.