When the house that’s on sale goes on sale

A house that went on sale in the United Kingdom in November has become a tourist attraction and a magnet for locals to get a glimpse of the house before they sell it.

The property was purchased in March by a group of investors and it sold for £500,000 (1.4 million euros) in October.

But a few weeks later, the owners decided to sell the property for less than the initial price, which was a staggering £1.8 million.

The owners had hoped to recoup the cost of the refurbishment, but it was unclear how much of the property they would have to sell.

They decided to go for it, however, and they are now selling the property in its entirety for £1,800,000.

The house is located in the area known as the Green Belt in Essex.

The buyer bought the property from the Greenbelt Community Association, which owns the Green Lane in south London.

The group hopes to bring in a new buyer and sell the house at a sale price.

The buyers have decided to hold the sale for a while longer, as they want to “give them a little bit of time to think about it and see if they’re comfortable doing that.”

They hope to sell at a price of around £800,00.

A spokesperson for the buyers told Al Jazeera that the house is “quite an amazing property.”

He added that the owner has put a lot of thought into how to sell it and it is “a very important part of their lives.”

He said that the family plans to move to New York soon to start a new life.