What are the biggest pitfalls for investors in the housing market?

As of this writing, housing markets across the U.S. have been in a frenzy for several months.

That frenzy has seen prices climb by over 200 percent in some markets and a massive surge in demand for homes, including in urban areas.

In the process, we’ve seen an influx of new demand for these new housing markets, which is creating a real market.

However, there are a number of big hurdles to overcome if investors are looking to buy homes in the U, including: 1.

The cost of buying a home in a major metropolitan area can be more expensive than it looks.

This is particularly true in urban markets where housing is cheaper than in rural areas.

According to a report from the real estate firm Savills, a typical home in the Greater Houston area cost $300,000 to $350,000 in 2016.

That’s a hefty increase from about $300k in the first half of the decade, when the average price of a home was $200,000.

That jump in price comes as housing is becoming more affordable.

But there are still a lot of people out there that need to save money and don’t have access to a bank account or credit card. 


Housing affordability is becoming a major concern for many buyers. 


There are a lot more than 2,000 properties that have been purchased for less than $1 million in recent years. 


As a result of rising home prices, people are now more likely to use their savings to buy a home rather than renting. 


Many people are still struggling to find jobs.

The real estate industry is struggling to keep up with the increase in demand and the new supply of housing is taking a toll on people’s incomes. 


There’s been a huge amount of pent-up demand in the last few months, but demand can’t be met if you’re not prepared to pay more than the median income. 


If you’re buying with a cash or check, you may have to make several payments and then keep paying them. 


A lot of new homes sold at auction are not necessarily good investments, especially if you are a home buyer and have limited savings. 


There is a lot going on in the market right now.

The supply of homes has been surging and prices have gone up, but the demand has been slowing down. 


There are lots of factors that affect the market, including interest rates, interest rates in general, and supply and demand. 

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