What a ‘smart girl’ could learn from ‘cute girl’ finance

CNBC reporter Melissa Block has the scoop on a new video of a smart girl who can see what the future holds.

In the video titled “Smart Girl Finance,” a young woman walks into a restaurant and orders a burger.

The waitress tells her that the price is $9.50, and she has two choices.

She can either go to a restaurant that has an online ordering app, or she can order the burger from a restaurant in the area.

The smart girl looks at her options, then orders.

The girl is able to make the $9 burger from her iPhone, which she then takes to a nearby restaurant and serves herself.

A smart girl’s future is here, and now, more than ever, we need to be thinking smart about what we invest in.

Here’s what to watch for as we start to look at the future.1.

Smart girls who know what to look forIn her new video, Smart Girl Finance, the smart girl asks the waitress for directions to a burger place.

The teen then orders a $9 Angus burger from the nearby burger joint.

The next day, the young woman checks the Yelp review and discovers that the burger is being served by the restaurant that she visited in the past.

She then decides to order a $10 burger from Burger King.

She then pays $10.70 at the restaurant, and then pays another $9 at the burger joint the next day.

The result?

A $11 burger.

This girl knows that when she orders from Burger Kings, it is a good investment.2.

Smart girl who knows what to doIf you want to see a smart woman who can predict what will happen to the stock market over the next few years, then watch the video of Smart Girl Equity.

The young woman, who is a senior at a public university, looks at a stock market chart and makes her prediction.

She believes that the market will crash by a couple of percentage points and that this will lead to a massive correction.

She does this by predicting the next year’s stock market crash and the stock price of the company she is buying from.

Smart girls who have made these predictions know that if they make the right decisions, they can make a lot of money.

If they make a bad prediction, then they can lose money.3.

Smart Girl who has her own financial strategySmart girls can make money investing by using their own money, and smart girls who are smart, are investing in themselves.

Smart Girls can make more money by being a financial independence.

This means they do not need to worry about paying for their college tuition, paying for other expenses, or taking on debt to save up for a down payment on a home.4.

Smart guy who makes smart bets on the stock marketsThe video of the smart guy’s investment strategy shows him investing in the stock index and then deciding to take the plunge.

This investment is a big hit, and he is able buy a $1 million house.

The house has been built on land that was previously owned by his parents, and the smart man has now invested $1.5 million in the property.5.

Smart boy who does smart thingsSmart girls often invest in mutual funds, mutual funds that allow them to make money from stocks, bonds, and other financial products.

This type of investing has the potential to make a big difference in their personal finances.

In a recent video, the girl who makes this investment has saved $5,000 by putting the funds in a savings account and then making a downpayment.

She has also used the funds to buy an apartment in a cheaper neighborhood.6.

Smart man who knows his own mindSmart girls like to invest in products that they think will help them make money.

This can help them manage their finances better, save money, improve their personal appearance, and make better decisions about what they buy.

Smart boys like to save money by buying things that they do like, or they look at a product and decide that it would be a good idea to invest more in it.

The difference is that a smart boy can make smarter decisions about buying.7.

Smart woman who knows her own businessThe video shows a smart lady who is an independent businesswoman who has made her own investments.

She is able now to buy shares in a local small business and then to share her investments with her colleagues.

The woman is also able to keep an eye on her business’s performance.

She uses the money she saves from her investments to buy a bigger home, buy a house with a bigger yard, and buy an investment property in the city of New York.

She makes her first investment in a property and then makes a large buyout in a company.

The videos also show that she has made multiple large buys.

The Smart Woman makes money from her investment.8.

Smart businesswomanWho knows his money?

The video highlights an example of a businesswoman investing in her own businesses and how her investments have paid off.

The businesswoman has made investments in