‘We’ll give you our word’: How Barclays Bank is using the bank’s financial information to target investors

Barclays has created a ‘We Will Give You Our Word’ section in its online banking app.

The bank says it wants customers to be aware of the risks that come with trading in the stock market.

“It’s a new feature for customers and one that Barclays will be launching in the coming months,” Barclays UK head of marketing John Kavanagh told Bloomberg.

“We will be releasing more details on this feature in due course.”

Barclays said it will not allow users to sell their bank account information to other companies.

“This is for the safety and security of the people who hold our money, and we take it very seriously,” Kavanagh said.

The company says customers can access the section by signing into the app and clicking on the ‘Share’ button.

The section will be accessible from Barclays’s website, as well as in the Barclays app and on its mobile app.