The world’s smartest women are investing in their careers

Google News has revealed the world’s most intelligent women have been making their fortunes on their own.

The data shows the top 10 women in the world have amassed $1.1 trillion in wealth from investing in themselves, while the top 5 have invested in more than 100 companies, including the likes of Nike, Facebook, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft. 

The list includes women from countries such as Singapore, Australia, Canada and the US.

In an interview with Google, one of the women behind the research, Julia Mennella, said the list was inspired by a recent New York Times article detailing the rise of women’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“The idea was to look at women who had built their own businesses and said, ‘what are the challenges that you are facing, and how can you overcome them?'”

Ms Mennelli said.

“I think the biggest challenge for women is the fact that it is hard to get a good salary when you have a career.”

She said the women who made the top 20 were doing so without the help of a male partner.

“It’s the women with the most money who are getting the most help,” she said.

Ms Menna added that it was common for women to be in debt but also had a need for financial independence, as well as for children.

“What they don’t realize is that we have to be able to save for our children, because we are not getting enough from them,” she added.

“So, it’s a very, very complex relationship.”

You can’t get a job without your spouse.

You have to have kids, you have to pay off debt.

It’s a pretty complex system.

“But the more money you have, the more financial independence you have.”

The most popular women’s investments, according to the data, are shares in private equity firms and pension funds, as opposed to stocks and bonds.

The top 20 are followed by the top 25, the middle 25 and the bottom 25.

“Women are getting more and more independence from their partners, and that has increased the investment opportunities for women,” Ms Mennello said.

“They are getting that from their own resources and from their money.” 

The data also showed that there are women who have been more successful than men in the investment world, including in real estate.

The data showed that the top five women have amassed an average of $9.1 million from their investments, compared to $5.9 million for men. 

In total, women are expected to have an average net worth of $3.5 billion in 2021, compared with $3 billion for men, the data showed.