Mazda Finance CEO: The US isn’t for us

FourFourtwo – Mazda Finance Chief Executive Officer Mark McNulty is in Washington, DC today.

In an interview with FourFourSecond, McNulty discussed his vision for the future of Mazda, what he would like to see in the next generation of the company, the challenges that Mazda faces in the US, and the company’s strategy in the global market.

The interview with McNulty was conducted on behalf of FourFourFive and can be viewed below.

As an American, you know we are a small company.

How did you feel when you were approached to join a large company in the United States, and then to be told that the United Kingdom is not for you?

Mazda Finance CEO Mark McNaughton: It was a great experience and I’m excited about the opportunity.

I was really honored to be invited.

I have always had a passion for driving, so when I was offered the opportunity to join the Mazda Finance team, I was very grateful for the opportunity, and excited to help them achieve their objectives.

I would like us to continue to drive together to make Mazda the best car brand in the world, which means making great cars that are fun to drive.

As a CEO, you have been a part of a series of events like the US Grand Prix, and this year’s New York Auto Show.

How does it feel to be one of the people who has been involved in all of these big events?

Mazzah: We are all very excited about all of the events that have been happening over the last few years, and especially this year.

As a group, we’re very fortunate that Mazda has been a great partner for us and I look forward to working with them in the future.

We also look forward as we look forward in the years ahead to seeing what the future holds.

As you look ahead to 2019, what are some of the key challenges you are looking to address with the brand and the US market?

I am not looking at any specific challenges for 2019, but there are some areas where we can work together and see how we can make the Mazda brand and Mazda the most fun, fun car brand to drive in the American market.

I am excited to continue the collaboration and collaboration with the people and organizations that Mazda Finance has been part of.

I believe the Mazda Motorsports team has the ability to do that, and I think they will do great things.